Digital visual timeline for children with additional needs

picturepath is a digital visual timeline which can be interactively edited and shared between homes and schools.

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picturepath allows you to see the day in their way

With picturepath you can customise a convenient visual timeline and allow your children to progress through their day

Our Products

picturepath for parents

picturepath for children

picturepath for schools

Easy to use timeline planning

Link your home and school timelines

100’s of activities to choose from

Use picturepath across multiple devices

picturepath is available across multiple smart devices, making it easier to edit your routine as your day changes

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Why parents love picturepath

picturepath provides reliability and peace of mind for parents

  • Reduces anxiety for your child

  • Timelines are customisable on the go

  • Prepare for changes to your routine

  • Choose and upload your own symbols

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Why schools love picturepath

picturepath is built to work with your school’s existing technology

  • Save time spent editing timelines

  • Save time spent editing timelines

  • Save money spent on physical symbols

  • Built with feedback from SEN experts

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“picturepath is less time consuming [than the current system we use] and the children like it more because it’s on an iPad”

Jo Sheldon

SEN Teacher

“I love ticking off the activities on my iPad”


picturepath child

“The picturepath app is straightforward and easy to use, many thanks!”


picturepath parent

Why not try our premium version which is packed full of additional features

Premium features include sharing a child’s timeline with other caregivers and creating multiple routines. This keeps everyone in the loop and ensures your child’s day runs smoothly.